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Quartz Lumps & Grits

New Growth India is among leading mining company supplying best quality quartz lumps and grits as per the requirement of clients around the world. We have best facilities and resources to meet buyers requirement of quartz lumps and grits

Quartz Lumps & Grits Specifications

5mm-1mm : 33%

1mm-.20mm : 30%.

0.02mm-0.60mm : 17%

0.06mm and below: 20%

** Grain size can also be set as per customers requriement of Grain Size uto 7MM


Sizes & Grade

We have advantage of having own mines of quartz and can provide with quartz lumps as per requirement of the clients. We carry out sorting process of lumps which includes: Sorting, washing, re-sizing, again washing and packing.

We also provide quartz grits for use in steel industries with details given below:

Quartz Lumps Size Color & Whiteness Sio2 (Purity)Fe2O3Iron FreeMoisture

Grits size from 20mm to 100mm and above Glassy Quartz 99.5% min0.01%Nil0.33%


Grits size from 20mm to 100mm and above Super semi 99.5% min0.01%Nil0.33%


Grits size from 20mm to 100mm and aboveSemi Grade 99%-99.6% 0.04Nil0.33%

New Growth India provide grits size as per clients required. We have all types of quartz grades available for immediate supply from Glossy quartz to semi grade of quartz lumps.

Chemical Compoistion / Paratmeters of Silica (Quartz) powder:

Sio2 : 99.5%-99.8%%

Fe2O3: 0.01% or below

Al2O3: 0.01% or traces

Cao: 0.01% or traces

MgO, Na2O, K2O, TIO2, MnO are in trace or absent